Training & Coaching

My Table Tennis Academy

(Established since 2008)

We provide a breading ground for a new wave of youth who want to participate in table tennis leisurely or professionally.  Either way, proper instruction and technique are essential and inevitable.

Leisure play is only meaningful if you know how to play well.
Professional play means going deeply a series of intensive coaching , training and practices.  No matter what kind of expectation you come with, for you and/or your family, My Table Tennis Academy is right here to get you on the right tack to attain your goals effectively through systematic and scientific approach, and of course, let you and your family have more enjoyable time in Table Tennis.

Coaching Service

Unlike other training facilities where students only rely on a single coach, we provide complete school services and allow the student to experience different skills and styles among of our professional coaching team. Under our comprehensive platform, any student of My Table Tennis Academy has easy access to:

  • Different Players / trainers / classmates with different styles for self or group practicing;
  • Large range of tournaments from local house leagues to International Championships for widening visions & experiences;
  • all varieties sponsorship programs available open or exclusive in sport industries for student financial tension releasing.

My Table Tennis Academy have successfully been producing many Provincial / National Champs in different Age Categories and Canadian Olympic representatives / qualifiers since 2008.


My Table Tennis Academy has a decent team of coaches merging of former provincial and/or national players from different countries including China National.

One to One Coaching : From CAD$60 to CAD$99 per hour; depending the level of coaches.

Group Coaching: from CAD$500 to CAD$600 per 10 lessons and each lesson lasting for 2 hours; depending the level of students. ( Beginner, immediate or Advance)

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Want to Join My Table Tennis Club?

We welcome anyone interested to drop by at one of our facilities to see our dedication and experience first-hand the enjoyment of the sport.