The Provincial Government has announced they would be instituting a vaccine certificate program for non-essential businesses.

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 What do these imply on us?

 1)     Full vaccination will be mandatory to enter non-essential businesses like us starting Wed Sept 22nd. Please remember that you’re not fully vaccinated until 14 days after your 2nd dose.

2)     Must provide your vaccinating status on a printed/phone pdf form and matching ID.

3)     Starting on Fri Oct 22nd a QR Code will be provided along with an App.

4)     By-Law will be reinforced to all non-essential businesses for compliance.

5)     It will be temporary, but no timetable given as to how long.

My Table Tennis Club will verify all players vaccination status upon entry from Sept 07, 2021, and onwards.  For all members, these have to be done for one time only as we update your status in our membership system, but every time for public newcomers.