My Table Tennis Club (MyTTC) is possibly the largest and greatest table tennis club in North Americas. MyTTC, with headquarter locating near the town center of Markham, is planning to expand vertically and horizontally by providing of one-stop table tennis services and by building more branch outlets in Canada.


My Table Tennis Club Statement

We are the group of energetic and passionate people for the sport of Table Tennis. My Table Tennis Club (MyTTC) is established in catering for those who are extremely eager and desirous of high standard of club house services in Table Tennis Sport by provision of excellent facilities & equipment; professional coaching & quality companion playing; and five-star hospitality.



Markham Campus

  • 9,000 square foot area
  • 28 Feet high ceiling
  • Professional table tennis flooring
  • 18 numbers of ITTF Tables
  • more 750 lux lighting system

Mississauga Campus

  • 18,000 square foot area
  • Professional table tennis flooring
  • 40 numbers of ITTF Tables in 12 courts of (40 x 20)sq. feet playing grounds
  • fittness center

Waterloo Campus

  • 20,000 square foot area
  • Professional PVC table tennis flooring
  • 40 numbers of ITTF Tables in 16 courts of (40 x 20)sq. feet playing grounds


Pro-shop services

Wholesale and retail of professional equipments and materials including but not limited to:

  • Table Tennis Robot
  • Rackets and Rubbers
  • Tables
  • Clothes and Shoes &
  • Balls etc

Strategic market positioning statement and support points for (MyTTC)


individuals; parents & sons/daughters; groups; professional and amateur players with all skill levels


are enthusiastic in Table Tennis and Use MyTTC facilities for

  • Professional Training
  • Leisure Playing
  • Tournament
  • Group Functions
  • Inter Clubs League

Nothing less than MyTTC

is acceptable to solve these challenges with one stop shopping and decent human resources of professions merging from different parts of world.


other playing facilities in the town


is a Professional Club and Training Centre with a long term strategically plan in establishing its reputation and goodwill by sponsoring its own players with different age groups and is going to be Champion Leader for major tournaments locally and national wide.

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